Igniting children’s sense of wonder and curiosity is an amazing way to learn!

We believe that every child is amazing and that they possess an incredible ability to develop and learn.

We use imaginative and inspiring environments to ignite each child’s sense of wonder and curiosity to make new discoveries, gain new knowledge, and develop an ongoing love of learning.

We strive to create life-long learners and know we have succeeded when we see children proudly leaving for school full of confidence and demonstrating a love of learning.

Our teachers make an amazing contribution to the Centre to provide our children with the best possible care and opportunity to learn.  The nurture, laughter, and learning imparted by our teachers truly reflects their understanding and commitment to the philosophy of Young & Amazing.


A secure and warm environment for children to feel content and confident in.


A fun filled atmosphere where children are happy to explore.


Imaginative and creative environments that ignite children’s interest in making discoveries and gaining new knowledge.